ViMP 4.3.6

  • 27th April 2021
  • Fix: Removed data of the author of the contribution from the RSS feed
  • Fix: RSS feed deactivation fixed
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ViMP 4.3.5

  • 22nd April 2021
Changelog: Fix: "Manage media" error in empty channels fixed Fix: E-learning: attempt to access deleted learning media resulted in blank page Fix: Timed-controlled media publishing was missing in the upload form of the mobile template Fix: Media import ignored already transcoded files sent along Fix: Media import status of imported media is ...
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ViMP 4.3.4

  • 21st April 2021
Changelog: New: Payment credits can be added during user import New: Search field on user page in the frontend Improvement: Background color in fullscreen mode of Video.js player changed to black Improvement: Obsolete membership setting for private groups hidden Improvement: Clearer naming of encryption methods in email settings in ...
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